What is Plynd?

Plynd empowers HTML5 developers to make great multiplayer games without all the usual hassle.

With Plynd, you will have the skeleton of your multiplayer game available online, testable with your friends, and connected in realtime after just minutes of configuration!!

How does that work?

No backend required: We provide the infrastructure! You can save and retrieve all the data that you need about your game without any server to set up. Even better, you can register some javascript functions to be run server-side.

Full multiplayer environment: We provide the coding-expensive experience of setting up a multiplayer game: Authentication flow, invitation, matching, notifications, chat, and more are there automatically for your players to enjoy.

Want to see it in action?

We've made a great adaptation of Risk to showcase our technology: Arms Race

And for a detailed explanation on the SDK and its use, see our comprehensive tutorial to make a multiplayer game on Plynd.

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